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Get the Boys a Lift

Kite plan: Free
Primary Contact: info@gtbal.co.uk
Date Joined: 07/09/2022

Who are we?

Get the Boys a Lift (GTBAL) is a non-for-profit organisation offering free and easily accessible mental health support for the people of our community.

We run a clothing and coffee shop in Haverfordwest, serving beautiful Allpress© coffee and offering a unique cafe experience, where you can chat to counsellors and make new mates. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have moved our services online - making it easier than ever before to get help.

Our mission is simple, to create a happier and healthier community for all!

How will we help AML users?

Disability Acomidations?

Membership Benfits?

Where to find us?

Our Primary branch

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