Pembs Coffees

Kite plan: Verified
Primary Contact: Richard Manning
Date Joined: 13/04/2022

Who are we?

Pembs Coffee is a small pembroke dock based coffee shop. We have a wide selection of coffee, cakes and milkshakes.
Our team try our best to provide a fun and welcoming enviroment for everyone disabled or not.

Our owner is a big nerd so we have a project that will often be playing anime or have games from our xbox on it.
We welcome everyone to come and try beat our frogger high score!

How will we help AML users?

Although we aim to help everyone regardless of their disability or lack there of. We do want to support the Assist My Life project.
To do this we offer a discount to anyone who comes in using the Assist My Life app and is comfortable to present the apps support page
to our staff.

We also open our shop to you for clubs and activties, just aproach any member of our team and ask for richards contact details
to discuss a club and we will work with you to accomidate

Disability Acomidations?

Easy Access Parking

There is parking right outside our front door.

Wheel Chair Accesiable

Our shop is on the ground level and we have a ramp to the right side of our front door, this allows wheel chairs and scooters easy access, along with our wide door. Our staff are also more than happy to move tables and chairs for wider scooters or chairs

Membership Benfits?

5% Off to all users of the AML app

Simple show our staff your app profile at checkout and get 5% off the total checkout value.

Fridays Awareness Day

Everyfriday is autism awareness so the store iss kept quite

Where to find us?

Our Primary branch

Office Branch

Date of inspection: 13/04/2022
Inspector: Richard Manning
Score Achived: 5
Inspectors Notes

This is an example inspection note to demo to the team.

Inspectors Recomendations

I recommend all AML Inspectors get a free milkshake

Date of inspection: 14/04/2022
Inspector: Not Richard Manning
Score Achived: 4
Inspectors Notes

This is a second inspection Log

Inspectors Recomendations

Maybe as well as free milkshake they give a choclate bar too

Date of inspection: 30/07/2022
Inspector: test
Score Achived: 2.5
Inspectors Notes


Inspectors Recomendations


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