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AssistMyLife is all about giving people inclusive and independent lives, to better this aim we worked with many people to produce the Directory, this is a list of companies who we feel show the best of the what people have to offer, to be part of the directory you have to commit to the bare essentials below!
To take part in inspections
To accomidate all disabled people
To accept and accomidate LGBTQIA+ community
To educate staff on AssistMyLife and how to support its users
How it works
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The first step is simply filling out the form below, this will create an account on the site and let our team know you want to join
Now that we know you are intrested we will reach out and find out more about who you are and what you do
Changing the world
If step 2 goes okay then we will put your profile live to the world and you can help us encourage independence and acceptance

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