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The Edinburgh Woollen Mill, Aberystwyth

Aberdyfi Ice Cream, Aberystwyth

Yours Clothing Carmarthen

Waterstones Carmarthen

Waterstones Aberystwyth

Farplace Animal Rescue Aberystwyth

Cilhaul Crafts

Ultracomida - Deli-Vinoteca

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Safe, Independent & Confident In Your Community

The AssistMyLife app is designed to improve and enhance life for people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, and autism. The app helps support people through a sense of community, assisting with transport, and as a tool for independence.

What Helps You!

Our app is all about you! We made it with care, thinking about what you really need. Instead of telling you what to do, we give you tools that help you do things your way. You can tell us what you need, why you need it, and be yourself when you talk. We want to make sure you feel free to be you! In your way. Our app is like a friend, helping you to say what you need and helping you do things your way. With our app, you're in charge, and we're here to help you every step of the way.

Your Independence. Your App

Tired of an app telling you HOW you need to be supported. Assist My Life has worked with you and will continue to do so to make sure we provide the tools you want in the way YOU need!
Communicate Your Way!
During our development what we hear the most was that you know how to help yourself, you struggle to communicate this to other people and ask for the help the way you need. So we have put a focus on giving you fredom in the app to put whatever you like and making pages that let you easily share this!.